A Bit About Us…

 The idea for Nourished first formed between Kristina and Ryan Roth-Klinck back when they were living in Dallas Texas. They realized that some of their favorite places were two things at the same time. A laundromat AND a sandwich shop. A barbershop AND a bar. A church AND a coworking space. They loved how these strange places said “Yes AND” and often defied expectations about what they were “supposed to be.”

So, they dreamed for themselves, “could we also do something like that? Two things under one roof that we are passionate about?” Kristina loved to bake and Ryan loved to eat her food. So, a bakery seemed obvious. They both also attended a weekly meal with homeless neighbors where they found themselves enchanted by people’s stories, especially the stories that got to the heart of the matter and connected to someone’s spirituality. After moving to Cedar Rapids in 2020, they finally connected some dots and realized that the two strange things they wanted to put together under one roof were a spiritual community and a gluten free bakery.

What do we mean by a spiritual community? A group of people who cultivate a space of care by: listening with intention as a way to form meaningful friendships, creating a generous space for all to live into their authentic selves, and supporting each other as we explore or spirituality. 

Can a gluten free bakery ALSO be a spiritual community? Can a spiritual community COEXIST with a bakery?
In our experience kitchens cultivate community, so we say “Yes!” 

“Growing Relationships That Feed The Soul.”

Our Values:
-Celebrating all as sacred
-Interconnected existence
-Supporting equity and fairness
-Facilitating inner growth
-Exploring Mystery
-Acting on these committments

Visions of Nourished: